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Integrated With Manufacturing

As a one-stop solution provider, we offer seamless integration with manufacturing, from PCB layout to PCB Production - PCB Assembly - Components Sourcing -3D Printing - CNC Machining.

Professional & Complex Design

We provide experienced engineer consulting, impedance calculation, PCB stack-up and DFM check. PCB designs involving high-frequency, high-speed, FPC or high-power etc.

Faster Turnaround Time

Utilize validated modules to improve design efficiency and reduce lead times. With our in-house production and layout services, we can deliver complex designs more quickly.

Cost Optimization

As a PCB manufacturer, we have the expertise to minimize production costs, while ensuring that our PCBs meet the highest standards for performance and manufacturability.


PCB Layout Design
Up to 50 Layers
0.3mm BGA Pin Spacing
60Ghz High Frequencies
Stack-up Design
Rigid, Flex, HDI, High-speed, Power boards
100,000 + PIN
2.4mil Trace Width/Spacing
Controlled Impedance
DFM Check

Bring Your Boards To Life

Design 1 day
  • Upload Schematic to Get a quote
  • JLCPCB Review and Quotation
  • Customer Make Payment
  • Evaluation and Confirmation of Plan
  • Design Start
Layout 1 day
  • Layer Stack-up Design
  • Design Rule Setting
  • Component Placement Design
  • Confirmation and Optimization
  • Fanout
Routing 1 day
  • Fanout Optimization
  • PCB Routing
  • Equal-length Adjustment
  • Routing Optimization
  • DRC Check
  • Routing Confirmation
Optimization 1 day
  • Silkscreen Adjustment
  • Data Output
  • Customer Final Confirmation
  • Production Debugging
  • Archiving Projects
  • Finish
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